Since 2021, our customers have saved:

7 491 048 KWh

3 341 007 Kg Co2

Energy Saving as a Service (ESaaS)

With a fixed monthly amount* through subscription solution, you can take your investment over your operating budget. This is how we maintain a faster profit for you. Subscriptions also make it easier to expand, or reduce, measures, while making the model more flexible, including technology development and facilitating collaboration.

**Some solutions may require a startup amount. 

We help you realize your savings potential!

If you are going to reduce your energy costs, implementing measures is the most important thing.

With our ecosystem of "Smart" energy solutions, we will help realize our common goals!


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With the connection of our EcoMonitor, we extract real-time energy data, and together with historical data, it forms the basis for measures.

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Data analysis and assessment of facilities

With our analysis program, we identify your potential in energy savings, based on both historical and real-time data.

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Energy cost

We can identify and visualize your company's total energy cost in real time per kW.

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Action proposal

Based on data analysis of your company's consumption patterns, we present action proposals.

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Energy delivery

We deliver competitive green renewable energy, if desired with a guarantee of origin and certificate.

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Follow-up and collaboration

Close follow-up of measures and deliveries establishes a basis for cooperation on identifying additional savings potential.


Detail of the pipes of a chemical plant

Opt-E SCAPE for pumps and fans.

With our Opt-E SCAPE solution, you can save significantly with energy while streamlining operations.

Predictive maintenance

Through monitoring systems, we extend service intervals, service life and reduce operating costs on your rotary machines.

Solar solution as a subscription

We supply and operate bespoke solar cell solutions from assembly to recycling.

Engergilagring opt-e

Energy storage

We deliver tailor-made energy storage pre-assembled and integrated.


Heating/cooling system

Optimization of facilities.

energiveiledning energi mennesker jobber med grønn energi

Energy advisory

We offer Analysis and Mapping, Studies and Action Proposals, Training and Operating Agreements.


ESG/KPI Reporting

We tailor and deliver digital ESG/KPI relevant reports so you can easily report on your sustainability goals.

Visualisering i sanntid

Real-time visualization

To raise awareness of energy saving, real-time visualization is crucial. We deliver interactive solutions that engage and help operators and the entire organization.



We can contribute with financing of larger energy solutions within our range.

Our value promise

"Opt-E increases customer profitability and sustainability by adapting and operating an innovative Energy ecosystem."

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