Since 2021, our customers have saved:

7 491 048 KWh

3 341 007 Kg Co2

Opt-E lanserer: Opt-E SCAPE

Opt-E AS was founded on the basis of a solution we developed to save energy on pump and fan operation, and we called the solution SmartSave.

As we have developed and worked with SmartSave, we see that the solution delivers much more than saving energy. It provides a broad value creation for the customer, which is why we are now changing the name from SmartSave to Opt-E SCAPE.

Save energy, money and the environment

With Opt-E SCAPE, we make sure that your pumps and fans use as little energy as possible, without compromising on plant performance. What one can save depends entirely on the application, but in certain cases all the way up to 70%.

Opt-E SCAPE combines pump/fan technology with automation technology and embeds it into a modern Industry 4.0 architecture with bespoke algorithms. The algorithms handle many sensor signals and different operating modes, as well as calculate the savings in real time.

Everything is visualized in a dashboard on your screen and an automatic reporting module gives you a full overview of savings on the environment, energy and cost.

The starting point will be energy saving, but the result of Opt-E SCAPE is a holistic value creation reflected in the letters S-C-A-P-E:

  • Saving – saving energy, cost and environment.
  • Control – increased control of operations
  • Algorithms - real-time technology algorithms
  • Platform - Expandability Technology Platform
  • Evolution – learning, development and improvements

Opt-E SCAPE can be delivered in both new facilities and existing

In an Opt-E SCAPE delivery there are 3 main parts:

  • Counselling – we help to look at your applications in your facility, propose a solution for optimal operation and calculate the savings potential.
  • Opt-E SCAPE Platform - we plan the topology, with the treatment of signals and visualization on the side. In Opt-E SCAPE's platform, we also take in third part solutions.
  • Opt-E SCAPE Control - we put our algorithms into the Opt-E SCAPE Platform, install any ac drive, and ensure optimal operation, with visualization of the savings in real time and reporting module.