Since 2021, our customers have saved:

9 905 290 KWh

4 417 759 Kg Co2

We have a common goal – to save energy costs

It's in our name:

«Opt» = Optimized 

«E» = Energy, Economy, Environment

We offer a range of solutions that ensure that your company
have the lowest possible energy costs.

From Opt-E to Optimized Energy

Opt-E is a technology company that saw the potential of optimizing energy consumption on pumps and fans that consume a lot of energy.

The development resulted in the Opt-E SCAPE® solution that automatically optimizes pump and fan operation in a plant based on the need at all times, thus saving significant energy.

The consumption and savings are visualized in real time so that operators can keep up, and get a better feel with the energy consumption of their operations. See more about Opt-E SCAPE® here.

Sustainability of companies

Based on our technology platform and with partners, we can offer and operate an entire eco-system of innovative energy solutions, delivering clean energy at competitive conditions.

All to reduce energy costs and contribute to the green shift.

Real-time visualization and reporting

We visualize all your savings in real time and generate tailored interactive reports so you can keep up.

This is how we will work with you, – every day, to actively reduce your energy costs!

"Opt-E has helped us reduce the power consumption and wear and tear of our processing plant at MOWI Fjæra. We have received clear reports and had good cooperation and follow-up since Opt-E SCAPE® was etabalized."
Torleif Fjæra
Technical Department Manager

Our value promise

"Opt-E increases customer profitability and sustainability by adapting and operating a innovative Energy ecosystem."