We are Opt-E

SmartSave® is a scalable digitized control system for energy-optimal pump and fan operation. In a smart and systematic way, SmartSave® reduces energy consumption and costs.

Using Opt-E's proprietary software, SmartSave® contributes to savings for both your business and the environment.

SmartSave®: A new mindset

The very basic idea behind the SmartSave® product originates from Delta-p, which is a leading supplier of pump and compressor systems with long experience, solid competence and skilled employees.

With SmartSave®, we at Opt-E use our knowledge and resources in both pump, automation / IT and process understanding to break with ingrained mindsets in the value chain. We do this at the same time as we create focus and commitment on energy savings and optimization of your systems.

We contribute to the "green shift". We hope that you and your company also see the benefits for both the environment and profits.

Our people

Johnny Ballestad

Petter Thomassen

CTO Automation

Erik Magelssen

Anders Jørstad

CTO Pumps

Arild Thomassen

Mikael Meløe

Senior ansvarlig Teknologi