Innovative and effective machine optimization

Why have not the industry over the years watched on the possibilities to save energy used on industrial machines, such as pumps and fans? Maybe it is a lack of attention on machine optimization or lack of a product that solves the problem effectively.

In Opt-E we have developed a technology (SmartSave) that optimizes industrial pumps and fans on your machine park. With our AI-technology called SmartSave, we can manage to optimize your plant drastically. You can save millions of kWh each year! You can save millions of kWh each year!


The environment is more important than ever. SmartSave contributes to achieving Norway's new climate goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 50-55% by 2030.


Imagine if you could save up to 30-70% of your expenses that goes to operate your machine park. This is something the SmartSave technology can help you with.


Pump and fan installations often use unnecessary energy. With the AI-Technology SmartSave has developed, your energy savings can reach new heights.

This is how we work: 3 easy steps


SmartSave starts with a screening and inspection of your facility. This is free of charge, and without you have to be involved in the process. Throughout this phase we find those pump applications that are worth doing a feasibility study on.



Next phase is feasibility studies of the selected application. This we do fast, effective and at low cost. Here we calculate optimized pump energy and make a plan how this best can be realized. After this we do an investing analysis of the project, and develop a report which becomes a solid basis for your investment decision. You hardly have to be involved before the report from us is on the table.


Implementation of solution

Last phase is the implementation of the proposed solution, which is performed in a close collaboration with you. Once this is done, you can quickly and easily realize the financial and environmental benefits. With Smartsave, you now have a future oriented, environmental friendly and energy saving machine solution - with additional technological possibilities.


New technology can often seem frightening at first. But when you see the major improvement it has on the result, we rarely want to turn back. This is exactly what you will experience with Opt-E and SmartSave.