Save 30-70% energy on rotating machines

Our technology optimizes your industrial pumps and fans, as well as it give your green profile a lift.

Save energy, money and the environment

In Opt-E we often see that installations on industrial pumps and fans swallows unnecessary. With the SmartSave technology we ensures that your industrial pumps and fans uses as little as possible energy, without compromising the plant´s performance.

It is a lot of money to save using the SmartSave technology to optimize pump and fan energy in your plant. With machine optimization up to 30-70%, you can potentially save as much energy as several hundreds detached houses uses yearly. The optimization is not just profitable for your economy, but also for the environment.

"Opt-E has helped us reduce power consumption and wear and tear on our process plant at MOWI Fjæra. We have received clear reports and had good cooperation and follow-up since SmartSave was established."
Torleif Fjæra, Technical Department Manager

The development of a unique AI-system

The close cooperation between experts on pump operation and automation- and technology experts did that we manage to develop SmartSave. A product we sincerely mean that set new standards for optimized pump energy.

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